Some people love to travel the globe with just a travel guide and a rough idea of what they want to do.  To go deeper into the history and culture of Japan, though, it can also be helpful to get a guided tour.

For those with disabilities, it can be difficult to find a guide that both knows the local culture and is familiar with accessibility.  Accessible Japan is proud to partner with a number of select tour operators whom we have personally met with to insure they provide you with an amazing tour that takes your needs into consideration.

All-Inclusive Customized Tours

Have every step of your trip taken care of by a pro so you can focus on the fun, food, and photos! Reach out to an all-inclusive tour operator.

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Food Tours

Japan is home to some of the best cuisines in the world.  Need help getting past the menus filled with unfamiliar ingredients?  Eat like a local, but with the the expertise of an English-speaking guide by your side with these food tours!

Day Tours

For those who want a guide for just one day, or even for a few hours, day tours are the way to go.  We have met up with some local guides and are proud to team up with them to offer a growing list of tours. Many parts of the tours are customizable!

Other groups we work with

Ohayo Travel is a Japan-based travel agency that focuses on tours for travelers with disabilities and silver travelers.  Tours are created and customized with the needs and desires of the customer in mind.   

Inside Japan Tours is an expert on Japan and has offices in the UK, the US, Australia, and Nagoya.  They have experience creating fully customized tours of Japan for people with disabilities. 

Disclaimer: While we have partnered with some of these tour operators to help create tours, not all have been checked in person and should just be considered a starting point. Accessible Japan does not handle the booking, transactions, or coordination of the tour itself. It is essential that you discuss your disability with the tour operator to ensure your needs are properly accommodated.

Some of these tours are affiliate links and Accessible Japan may receive a small fee for any sales generated from purchases made with these links. This helps Accessible Japan continue to provide information to travelers with disabilities.

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