With its exciting culture and history and its unique cosmopolitan view, Japan is truly a place worth visiting. But if you have a disability, your trip to this amazing destination might prove more challenging than you’d expect.

Most information about accessible rooms at hotels is only on the Japanese version of their website and details are often scarce. In addition to the lack of information, reserving accessible rooms is often difficult as they are only available by contacting the hotel directly and many hotels do not have, or don’t openly disclose their email addresses. That’s why we at Accessible Japan strive to bring you the latest information on hotels for accessible travel in Japan.

We maintain a unique database of hotels with accessible rooms in Tokyo, Kyoto and all of Japan. Instead of simply stating availability of accessible rooms, we try to provide you with as many details as we possibly can. Accessible Japan’s hotel database is constantly growing, thanks to our hotel surveys, as well as the helpful input we receive from users (Please help us!). Our database of hotels will help you learn as much as possible about accessible hotel options in order to make your journey pleasant and hassle-free. Apart from the essentials, such as general accessibility of the hotel areas and restaurants, we have asked the hotels to provide us with high-resolution images of the rooms and diagrams of the interior space. Check out our database for information about the availability of roll-in showers and shower chairs, as well as hearing loops, English information in braille, whether or not guide dogs are permitted, and if there are flashing alarms in case of emergency.

When visiting Japan, make no assumptions – check out our database of accessible hotel rooms and enjoy your trip through ancient Japan to its fullest!

Our Philosophy: In Japan there is no set standard that defines an “accessible room,” and such rooms can vary considerably from hotel to hotel. Our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible on hotels with accessible rooms, so you can make an informed decision based on your unique needs.

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