What good is visiting Japan, if you don’t check out all the marvelous tourist attractions? Famous for its incredible culture and exotic history, Japan is truly a fantastic place that offers a wide range of activities – whether you’re an art appreciator, someone who’s into museums and history, or simply want to check out the local goods and stores.

However, when it comes to accessibility, getting there and finding accommodation are not the only things you need to consider. Many of the tourist attractions in Japan are suited for people with disabilities, but some still offer some challenges. You don’t want to go all the way to one of their temples, only to realize you can’t get all the way up to see it, right?

It’s always better to be prepared in advance, especially if you’d like to enjoy the marvels of Japan, without worrying about accessibility issues. To help you with that, we at Accessible Japan have started developing an in-depth review list of the major tourist attractions you’ll want to visit in Japan. We’ve included basic information such as the general accessibility of the place, and more specific details such as what percentage of the location is accessible, are there accessible toilets available and how many, and which station to you to get there safely.

Don’t take chances and don’t risk your safety or comfort. Our tourist guides are developed specifically to help you prepare yourself for accessibility challenges such as crowding or crammed streets, availability of accessible toilets, and decide on the best way to get to your destination. Make the best out of your trip to Japan and enjoy the fantastic tourist attractions, without compromising your comfort or peace of mind – get prepared in advance with our accessibility guides!

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