Kirapika Smile Channel Kayo and daughters, Yuna and Emma

Japanese YouTuber Family Share Life and Travel with SCN8A

YouTube has proven itself as not only a place to be entertained, but also a site where you can learn, share, and come together as a community. Kirapika Smile Channel is a YouTube channel with a big goal – to build awareness for the SCN8A and to show that show that the lives of families of children with disabilities are fun and fulfilling. They have some travel videos as well, so we couldn’t pass up Read more…

A close-up of Prince Shotoku in a mural

Accessible Ancient Art

Prince Shōtoku was a semi-legendary figure in Japanese history. In addition to his role in the spread of Buddhism to Japan in the 7th century CE, Prince Shōtoku is also remembered for his contributions to the development of Japanese culture and governance, including the creation of Japan’s first constitution. In the around 607 CE, Prince Shōtoku established the renowned Hōryūji Temple in Nara which includes some of the oldest wooden structures still in existence. During Read more…

Japanese New Years decorations

Traveling in Japan over New Years with a Disability

Traveling in Japan over New Years can be exciting… and horrible. The New Years holiday in Japan is similar to Christmas in the West – a time of visiting family and resting from work.  However, transportation overcrowding and holiday closures of shops and restaurants can be a headache, especially for disabled travelers. But don’t let that discourage you!  It is a great time to catch a glimpse of events that only happen once a year.  Here are Read more…

Shrine at Izumo Taisha with famous twisted sacred straw braids

An Accessible Journey to Shimane, Home of Japanese Mythology

Located on the Sea of Japan at the Western end of Honshu, Shimane is a prefecture that often falls below the radar of most tourists.  However, it is rich with history and the home of much of Japan mythology and not to be missed. Recently, I (Accessible Japan’s founder, Josh Grisdale) had the opportunity to visit Shimane as part of a trial run for future accessible tour to the area.  The tour was operated by Read more…

Robots at DAWN CAFE 2021 - ©DAWN CAFE

Nihonbashi, Inclusion and Technology

By: Justin Schroth Most of us living with a disability know one thing that can reshape our world, Technology. The most obvious may be wheelchairs, hearing aids, or prosthetic limbs to name a few. They impact the way many of us live our life, giving us greater access to everyday needs. So, it is no surprise that with technological advancements comes new tech that will allow more people to be included in activities that were Read more…

Woman using phone

Tokyo 2020 Multi-Access with Multi-Lingual

By Justin Schroth The Olympics has been hosted by many countries around the world and one common issue is access to information for those who do not understand the hosts native language. Often this means displays and announcements must be presented in many multiple languages or in a language like English that is often used around the globe. Nevertheless, the access is often not perfect, especially for those living with hearing or visual impairments who Read more…

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