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Japan is a truly wonderful country, filled with ancient history and contemporary modern appeal. However, if you have a disability or other specific needs, finding the right information on accessibility can be a challenge.


Even though you might be adventurous at heart, it’s still a good idea to have some information before you embark on your journey to Japan. This is how Accessible Japan (アクセシブルジャパン) was born – based on a combination of both the good and bad experiences of traveling with a disability, it’s a website dedicated to collecting everything there is to know about accessibility in Japan. 

Our goal is to supply you with all the information you need to enjoy your adventure to Japan to the fullest!

Learn the basics

Visiting a country far from home can be overwhelming.  Get prepared with:


Learn about the accessibility of different forms of transportation - from buses to bullet trains.

Essential Phrases

Learn Japanese words and phrases to help you smoothly communicate your accessibility needs.


Information on medicine import restrictions and how to properly bring your medications to Japan.

Enjoying Cuisine

Tips on what you should bring with you to help you eat, and how to find accessible restaurants.

Wheelchair Rentals

Get connected with the mobility or medical equipment you need to get around - from wheelchairs to hoists.

Know Before You Go

Miscellaneous information on everything from sign language and service dogs to mobility scooter restrictions.

...and much more

Planning Resources

Shinbashi Atagoyama Tokyu REI Hotel - Accessible Room

Accessible Hotels

Search our database of hotels offering accessible rooms and find a place to call home on your adventure.

Elevator at Sensoji temple


Browse our list of attractions to see the accessibility of popular tourist attractions and plan your itinerary with confidence.

Full-Day Accessible Barrier-Free Tokyo for Wheelchair Users Tour

Inclusive Tours

Find day tours and package tours that are accessible and adaptable to your needs.

Stay in touch

Accessible Japan is not just a website, but a community. 

Ask Questions and Share Information

We love to help you find the answers you need.  We also enjoy learning from others and hearing your stories.

The best way to do this is via our TabiFolk group – a community dedicated to making travel accessible to everyone.

New Blog Post
An Accessible Owl Cafe in Japan

Animal cafes are a perfect quiet time-out from busy Tokyo. Justin recently visited an owl cafe near Asakusa’s Sensoji that is very accessible and the host was very welcoming.

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Justin's mother holding an owl. It is perched on her finger. She is wearing a protective glove.

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