The Prefecture of Shimane has a great deal of history tied to Japan’s ancient politics, economy, and especially spiritual beliefs. Political seats of power such as a Daimyo (vassal lord), would often rule areas from within castles, and one of Japan’s Three Great Lake Castles has stood in Shimane now for over 400-years. Rich mines of Silver in Shimane would be fought over and eventually change the wealth of the entire nation. Some of the oldest stories of Shinto dieties have their origins tied to this region, and it’s said some still rest here. For lovers of Japanese history, Shimane has a lot to offer.

Shimane is a coastal prefecture with most of its cities located on the coastline of the Sea of Japan. To the south over the mountains is Hiroshima Prefecture and the Inland Sea. To the west is the tip of the mainland with Yamaguchi Prefecture and to the east along the Shimane coastline is Tottori.

Various trains stop within Shimane including some express trains, but those coming from Tokyo will find traveling by plane is fast and reasonably priced. Life is a bit more rural here, so mass transit systems are not as thorough nor accessible. To really explore the area, you’ll need to ride in a car or tour bus.For wheelchair users not travelling as part of a group, arranging for a wheelchair taxi is likely the best option.  The local accessible travel center, Tekuteku-Sanin, can possibly help with this.

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