I’m Jun Sumii, a self-employed wheelchair lift taxi driver in Tokyo. In September, 2017, I left the company I had worked at for 35 years, and started an accessible transportation service named “Wilgo – will go with a wheelchair”.

Wilgo serves its customers in various ways such as helping you get to and from hotels, airports, train stations, sightseeing spots, restaurants, as well as concert venues and stadiums. We can also help you by contacting other services you need during your stay, such as event tickets. Wilgo, uses a luxury vehicle with a powerful wheelchair lift to not only take you and your companions anywhere you want to go, but also assists you to make your stay more comfortable and memorable.

Why I did I start Wilgo? When I was involved in music entertainment business, I came across a lady in a wheelchair. Even though she had a tough time getting to the concert we had put on, she told me that she had a very special time. That conversation stays with me since then, and it is surely the trigger that inspired me to start a service to assist wheelchair users.

Front of Wilgo's Accessible Taxi in Tokyo

Unfortunately, for foreign visitors in Japan who use wheelchairs it can cumbersome to contact concert and event organizers and sport ticket vendors to arrange accessible seating.  These vendors generally only arrange for accessible seating via direct phone calls in Japanese during business hours – which isn’t really helpful for most visitors planning their trip! So Wilgo will help make the arrangements for you and then get you to your destination smoothly.

For more details, please visit Wilgo site at: https://odekakroffice.jp/en/



FredVollrath · March 28, 2023 at 7:15 pm

We had a wonderful experience with Wilgo. We arranged accessible van pickup from port in Yokohama to hotel in Tokyo. He was there timely and waited for us to find out luggage which had been misplaced. But a Wilgo did so much more. We were traveling with a motorised scooter and we were having g difficulty booking train tickets. Wilgo arranged for our tickets in a multi purpose compartment I. 3 different trains to Kyoto , Hiroshima and back to Tokyo. Arrangements were made for accessible taxi to meet those trains at the various cities and take us to our hotel. Those taxis were on time and the drivers were very helpful. Additionally, Wilgo arranged a driver for us I. Hiroshima and picked us up at train station in Stockton and took us to airport hotel. Every connection went smoothly. It took the anxiety out of our travel to Zealand’s with the scooter. I recommend Wilgo highly.


    wilgo · March 29, 2023 at 8:48 am

    Hello, Fred. Wilgo is very glad to hear your comments about your recent visit to Japan. Getting bullet train tickets conjunction with additional booking of an accessible taxi in your visiting cities before anyone leaves for Japan. Wilgo tries to support you as much as we can, communicating our business affiliates. It’s our pleasure to assist anyone staying and moving comfortably here in Tokyo and other cities.


Helmut · April 8, 2023 at 12:29 pm

We visited Japan for a Cruise and a few days in Tokyo. I have walking difficulties and need my scooter to move around. Jun from Wilgo collected us from the Cruise Terminal, showed us some places in Tokyo and brought us to the Airport on departure day. I can only recommend his service, his politeness, punctuality and kindness is outstanding. I got a technical problem with my scooter and Jun called around to find a repair shop. Our Japan holidays was great and relaxed and Jun from Wilgo played a big part in making it a memorable holidays.


    wilgo · April 8, 2023 at 11:11 pm

    Thank you for your review about Wilgo. The problem happened on your scooter would made another problems, such as on your flight back to your home and exploring here in Tokyo, so it should be fixed somehow. Unfortunately there is no repair shops for your scooter, but it was great for all that we could resolve the problem, thanks to a help by hotel staffs.

    Wilgo is very glad to have your review, and looking forward to serving you again when you come to Japan next time. Let’s go to Mr. Fuji!


JodyAnderson · April 14, 2023 at 3:55 am

Howdy we will Be coming in on Carnival Luminosa on April 15 th 2024 love to get transport from cruise terminal in Yokohama to Tokyo Disneyland. And on way back see some of Tokyo. Be my hubby Me and our son will be 5. This our dream vacation and are really excited for this trip, we will bring local currency and curious how much need for transportation. Thank you
May you have a Blessed week


    wilgo · April 14, 2023 at 2:43 pm

    Hello, Jody:

    Thanks for your message. Wilgo is happy to assist you in enjoying “Dream Vacation” here in Tokyo. Please visit Wilgo web site to provide Wilgo with your detail information, so that Wilgo would send our quote directly into your email account.


    Have a nice one!


LaraMA · April 19, 2023 at 10:44 pm

I strongly recommend Wilgo for everyone. Especially if you use wheelchair or you have limited or painful limbs. Wilgo car is large and comfortable: me and my mother had 2 large, 2 small luggages, 1 foldable wheelchair and 1 powered wheelchair all fit. 1 week before I fly to Japan, Jetline Cruise travel agency called me to say that transfers weren’t wheelchair accessible. I cannot explain what we felt at that time. Fortunately I found Wilgo and Jun swiftly replied to me with all the details about the travel to and from airport, hotel and port. Out of good will, he also took us for a drive in Tokyo. Jun is friendly, reliable, informed and professional. All the journeys were very comfortable, he knew safest places drop off and pick up. I’m glad I called Wilgo.


    wilgo · April 20, 2023 at 10:06 am

    Hi, Lara:

    It was our great time with you and your mom while driving several locations here in Tokyo. Although you had rainy days during the cruise around Japan, it was a good timing to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo before you leave for a cruise from Osanbashi in Yokohama, so driving around the Imperial Palace was “must to go”.

    Wilgo is very glad to hear your comments. It’s very important for both of our guests and Wilgo to communicate and understand what our guests are requesting and expecting, prior to meeting at airport or port. Thanks to productive communication with you, Wilgo could serve you with better preparations.

    Look forward to serving you again when you come to Japan to explore cities, cultures and more!

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