Accessible Japan is proud to announce that we were selected to provide a committee member to sit on the Universal Tourism Promotion Committee by the Japan Tourism Agency (part of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism).

The committee was made up of professors, Paralympians, and members of the disabled community here in Japan and was commissioned to select projects promoting universal tourism to receive government grants.  Of the many applications that came in, we selected 6 projects that we believed offered opportunities for a wide variety of needs, represented different parts of Japan, and had the ability to offer their projects in a sustainable manner (ie economically viable).

These included:

  • Tours of Kamakura (by a samurai!)
  • Accessible takigyo (meditation in a waterfall) in Ishikawa
  • Snow and Ice Fun in Asahikawa for guide dog users with visual impairments
  • An accessible tour of Okinawa’s Ishigaki Island
  • Accessible tour of Nagasaki’s UNESCO sites
  • Paragliding for wheelchair users in Yamagata

We will provide more information on each of these in the future so stay tuned!

Universal Tourism Promotion Committee press conference


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