By Justin Schroth

The Olympics has been a massive event celebrated around the world for longer than anyone alive can remember. Opening and closing ceremonies have became an expected part of the event, and this expectation also extends to the Paralympic Games. In a recent announcement for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic games, made by The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, many Para-entertainer positions are looking to be filled for performance opportunities in both the upcoming Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games is looking for various talent and groups to perform (various levels of experience will be accepted; some individual talent may require no experience at all to apply). This is divided into three cast performances, a “Leading Cast,” an “Original Cast,” and a “Group Cast.” The first will incorporate a select number of small performers for opening and closing events. The Original cast will involve 20-people, which may be selected as groups, for performance showcases. Lastly, but by far not the least, the Group cast will be looking for 400-people (individual or group selected) to perform in group performances. As you can imagine from the number of performers being recruited, the Opening and Closing Ceremonies are planned to be a massive event, with the intention of rivaling the Olympic Games ceremonies!

If you possess either Japanese nationality or residence status in Japan and performing at such an event interests you, then you may wish to apply quickly as the application window is only a month long (10 December 2019 until 10 January 2020). Some restrictions may apply, but you can submit your application here:

Chances to be involved with such a prestigious event don’t come often, so if you have a talent you want to show the world, don’t hesitate to apply! If you are accepted, please let us at Accessible Japan know so we can happily look for you at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games. See you in 2020 Tokyo!


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