Silver Human Resources Center is interested in making a transition into offering seniors opportunities for work. Rather than simply working as a resources center to connect elderly individuals to buses, assistance and the resources that they need for retirement, the center is interested in changing its focus to include staffing agency services as well.

The main problem that the Silver Human Resources faces is in labor insurance and social insurance premiums. While seniors working over 20 or more hours per week are required unemployment insurance, if seniors are willing to work over 30 hours a week they need to be included in health insurance policies which could cut into costs on the part of government and management. While many companies aren’t keen to cut seniors in on their insurance, benefits or pension plans it is important to note that most seniors are willing to work just a few hours a week so these could simply be non-issues.

Another major obstacle that the center is facing is that seniors could impact the current working generation negatively by making sure that minimum-wage positions are filled. While there is plenty of opportunity in the marketplace as well as many companies that are searching for qualified applicants to fill positions, many are worried that with a larger influx of workers overall wages might get dragged down.

Silver Human Resources Centers has over 1300 locations across the nation and provide memberships to over 720,000 people nationwide. Including staffing services could provide a fair number of seniors with work that they could use to supplement their income as well as keep a little busier. Some centers have begun to introduce a limited number of jobs including addressing letters, taking care of potted plants as well as providing childcare assistance. The demand for the few centers offering these staffing services is increasing and with a large amount of the population interested in working until 65-70 seniors need these resources to fulfill their wishes.

Source: The Japan News

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