The internet can be a fantastic place to build community.  It can also be a horrible place, filled with trolls. Veterans of Reddit and Twitter have come together to create a new social network based on kindness.  Accessible Japan loves kindness, so, we’ve joined Imzy!

As part of the push towards kindness, instead of just being able to upvote comments/posts/answers you like, there is a “tip” function where you can donate actual funds to the writer of the advice you liked.  So, there is an incentive to go out of your way to be nice and helpful! (Though, it is always best to be nice even without financial incentive!)

Accessible Japan has made a Imzy community.  While we will publish our regular content there, we hope for more than just one-sided communication.

You can ask questions, you can answer the questions of others, you can share your accessibility-related advice and pictures with others. You can be part of our community!

Join us!

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