A local Fukuoka woman is currently battling a muscular disease that could leave her without the use of her limbs. As if this fight was not bad enough, the gradual atrophy of her limbs through this disease could also cost her the athletic career she has worked so long to build. Hiromi Kobayashi is a 46 year old woman that has been powerlifting for several years and she is one of the only paralympian’s to compete with the rare Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease.

She has recently competed in several Paralympic championship events in the 45 kg class of females and has cleared the qualifying standard for Paralympic competition but she is still unsatisfied with her performance.

Kobayashi is a homemaker when she is not training and she has had her diagnosis since she was in primary school She has undergone physical therapy since 2002 and began working with her weight lifting coach shortly after that. Coach Keisaku Nakanose has worked with her at a sports facility to gain strength in all of her limbs. After working with him for just a year, she was able to participate in a 2km run as well as start powerlifting. She was able to clear the 60kg qualifying standard and went on to win a medal at the 2014 Asian Paralympic games.

These days she enjoys being able to wash her own hair, cook her own meals and enjoy independence in her daily life. She keeps training and she is working towards the 60kg qualification occurring later this year. Although she has been unsuccessful with 65kg lifts she is going to continue working forward to showcase her talents at the next Paralympic games.

We at Accessible Japan will definitely be cheering for Mrs. Kobayashi at the upcoming Paralympics!

Source: The Japan News

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