Soon after Japan Post Holdings Co., Apple and IBM Corp formed a business partnership, Japan Post Co. announced they’ll be lending 1,000 Apple iPads to elderly citizens in Yamanashi and Nagasaki prefectures.

The iPads are a part of an experiment, set to be carried out until March next year, that aims to support health management and shopping for elderly citizens. The loaned iPads are completely free, come with no fees for data communication and are supplied with an app, developed specifically by IBM Corp.

The application is designed to provide ease of use to senior citizens and features large characters and symbols, as well as a wide range of useful services, such as video phone function and sharing photos through cloud technology. It can also be linked to family members’ smartphones and devices to enable them to check the data entered by their elderly relative – such as medication dosage or health condition notes. iPad users can also use the app with select stores and shop online. Currently, the software offers more than 300 grocery items and promises one to two days delivery time.

The users’ demands and issues will be thoroughly noted and analyzed by the partners, who hope to expand the service in the future. This tablet service aims at supporting senior citizens and improve their health management and shopping practices.

Source: The Japan News

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