Born in Sheffield in 1978, Michael Gillan Peckitt studied Philosophy at the University of Hull, obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in 2001 and his PhD in 2010.  He has had left-sided spastic hemiplegic cerebral palsy and epilepsy since birth. He has had teaching posts at various universities and is currently a part time lecturer at Osaka University.  Michael wrote a book of essays about the first two years of life in Japan in Gaijin Story: Tales of a British Disabled Man in Japan.

Many people have written about the foreign experience in Japan. However, Michael writes from a new perspective, including not only contrasts of his new environs with his native Britain, but also his feelings as a man with a disability. While it may sound like something one may not easily relate to, Michael’s writing style wipes away any barriers to entering his world.

Gaijin Story: Tales of a British Disabled Man in JapanThe essays range from a gut-wrenching story of physical attacks due to his disability back home in the UK, to random English lessons in Japanese pubs – all well being nicely peppered with great quotes… and earthquake reports.  And in every situation, Michael’s dry humor keeps things moving along.

It is around 55-pages and makes a great companion for a lazy afternoon.  At only 100 yen, it is a great buy and easy to recommend.

You can buy Gaijin Story: Tales of a British Disabled Man on Amazon.


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