Last year, Satoshi Uematsu broke into his former workplace – a care facility for people with severe disabilities – and proceeded to murder 19 residents and seriously injure many more before turning himself in to police.

The reason? Uematsu felt that “People who can’t communicate with other people should be euthanized” and that he would take the solution into his own hands.

While Uematsu is still awaiting trail, the world has mostly moved on.

However, we at Accessible Japan will never forget this horrible act and hope that justice will soon be served. More importantly, our hearts and prayers continue to go out to the victims and their families.

We also believe that work needs to be done to show that people with disabilities can and do contribute to society, and that everyone benefits when we live together in community.  We are glad to share this feeling with countless others.

In response to the tragedy and Uematsu’s declaration that those with disabilities have no value or reason to live, the band SALSAGUMTAPE – a rock band whose members have disabilities – created the song “Wonderful World.” The video was created to show the joy of living and includes over 380 people with disabilities across Japan enjoying their lives. Here is a rough translation of the lyrics by Kashiwa Tetsu:

Baby, I have important dream
call the gods of the world
offer up appropriate prayers
and then we dine together

The countless tears that have been shed
it is good they have not been in vain
shout with joy together in various words
everyone dance to rock’n’roll

Baby, if the dream is betrayed
and hearts are closed
somebody without a name
will suddenly have their tomorrow stolen

Beautiful without fail
Thoroughly wonderful world

Baby, next to me in that dream
you are always there
if you are wounded and fall
shoulder to shoulder we will shout together

Even then it is beautiful
Thoroughly wonderful world

Beautiful without fail
Thoroughly wonderful world

Exceedingly beautiful
Living, wonderful world

You were born to be happy
Loving being alive

Please share this video to remind the world that we will not forget those who lost their tomorrows.


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