The boom in information brought about by the advent of the internet has been enabling for people with disabilities and other special needs. Websites, mobile apps, and online communities have allowed us to venture further into a world of places that were previously full of unknowns. That is why were so eager to share apps like Bmaps and WheeLog! with you.

While those apps help you find accessible destinations, getting to those destinations still often feels overwhelming. Over 90% of train and subway stations with more than 3000 daily users in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto are accessible, but getting around inside the stations, finding accessible entrances etc can still prove to be a chore.

So, we are excited to share the newly redesigned RakuRaku Odekake-net (easy outing net)  website with you. The site has existed for some time, but this renewal brings ease of use and English.

The site focuses solely on transportation.

A searchable database of train and subway stations, airports, bus and ferry terminals helps users find detailed maps and information on transportation hubs. Since not all of the information on the station pages is in English, the site offers a Google Translate option to take care of the straggling data.

Detailed station information

The other section of the site offers route searches like in Google Maps. After putting in your starting and end points (with other stations en route if you so choose) you can set different variables like departure time, wheelchair accessible or not, and the priority for routes (speed or ease).

Route finder

The system will then give you a number of routes to consider. Each station listed links to the detailed accessibility information about the station so you can quickly verify the station map, where toilets are etc.

Route search results

The site offers the ability to change text size for users with visual impairments and is smartphone ready so you can take it with you if you have internet access on the go in Japan.

Try it out and leave us a comment to tell us your review of the service, or share other apps you find useful when traveling! We’d love to hear from you!


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