After adding the first wheelchair lift bus to their fleet in 2016, Airport Limousine Bus in Tokyo has been holding diversity training seminars for all members of the staff. From maintenance crews to drivers to upper management, everyone is required to learn about the unique needs of their passengers.

This year Accessible Japan was selected to give the lectures. The first 5 sessions (of a total of 15 throughout the year) finished this past week. Our lectures discussed the current state of accessible tourism both in Japan and abroad, as well as very practical aspects of interacting with customers with special needs.

We tried out the new wheelchair lift buses as well as a type of elevator-equipped bus where a portion of the floor moves up and down to act as an elevator.

To date Airport Limousine Bus has 10 wheelchair accessible buses in their fleet (2 elevator-type, 8 lift-type) with plans to increase the number each year. At the moment, reservations are required to use the bus (so staff can remove seats to make room for wheelchair users). While reservations are currently only possible via phone, the company says they plan to allow online reservation for wheelchair seating in the near future.

Their T-CAT bus terminal also has a great wheelchair accessible toilet.

You can read about their services on their website.


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