In an effort to help travelers with disabilities enjoy Japan to the fullest, Accessible Japan was born. On February 10th, 2015, we published our first blog post on Accessible Japan.  In the year that followed, we had 85 more posts, lots of new information added to the site, and many memorable events!  Here are some highlights:

Accessibility Reviews

Most travel information on the web doesn’t mention accessibility features, but if you are planning an expensive trip with limited time, you want to know if you can get around in a wheelchair.  We are making every effort to visit and report on as many tourist sites in Japan as possible. Here are some popular ones from the past year – Akihabara, Asakusa, Tokyo Skytree and more!


Many stories about disability in Japan never make it overseas, so we like to share exciting stories like two women with hearing impairments winning elections, tech initiatives to help seniors and people with disabilities, and a princess that uses sign language.

Media Exposure

Accessible Japan has had the great fortune of being noticed by the BBC and Lonely Planet!


The best part of this past year has been making new friends.  The BBC interview lead to meeting Dr. Michael Peckitt (now a regular contributor!) and comedian Spring Day.  Travelogues by friends who wanted to share their experiences (herehere and here) and interviews with author Suzanne Kamata and director Heath Cozens.

It has been a busy year!

Want to stay in touch and get involved?

Thank you for a great year – you mean so much to us!!  (Wonder why we are featuring a fish?  Ask below in the comments!)

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