Nothing stays the same in Japan.  Everything is moving, evolving, progressing.  As recently as the year 2000, to get on a train could involve calling ahead, possibly arranging to have staff carry you up or down stairs, and getting off the the train a stop or two early to walk if your destination did not have an accessible station.  Hotels with wheelchair accessible rooms were never heard of.

Things have changed.

Now, you can ride when you want, there are elevators everywhere, and the vast majority of stations are accessible (millage may vary in the countryside).  More and more hotels are offering “barrier-free” rooms.  Even public parks have a separate toilet for people with disabilities.

While the picture certainly is rosier, as with anywhere else in the world, Japan still has plenty of accessibility challenges.  In our resources, we attempt to provide you with as much relevant information as possible on hotels that are accessible, destination descriptions, and disability-friendly transportation options.  This is a constantly growing and changing project.  If you can’t find something you want, or if you have information to add, be sure to share it in our forum and we will do our best keep the information up to date.

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