Accessible Japan was created to provide information on accessibility to make your trip to Japan easier to plan and give you the confidence to get on the plane, armed with the information you need to make solid decisions based on your needs.

As it is hard enough as it is to find accessible travel information, we do not want to block your access with paywalls, but keep our information free for everyone. We also don’t want to clutter up our pages with ads and make it harder to get what you need.

However (and you know this was coming), running a website costs money. Not only are there server fees and software licenses to pay at regular intervals, but there is the cost of keeping information relevant and up to date. We also don’t want to settle for “maintaining” the site – we want to expand it and provide even more information – covering more places and going deeper into more topics.

We have decided on using affiliate links as the best way to support Accessible Japan at this time.

Affiliate links are links that give a site a small percentage of the sale that came from the link. For example, if you click on a hotel booking site link from one of our hotel pages and then book a hotel, we get a small percentage of the booking fee from the booking site. It does not cost you anything.

In fact, if you would like to support Accessible Japan, using our affiliate links is a win-win. You book the hotel (tour or WiFI rental etc) you want, and at no extra cost to yourself, you support the growth of the website – enabling us to help even more travelers in the future.

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An Accessible Owl Cafe in Japan

Animal cafes are a perfect quiet time-out from busy Tokyo. Justin recently visited an owl cafe near Asakusa’s Sensoji that is very accessible and the host was very welcoming.

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Justin's mother holding an owl. It is perched on her finger. She is wearing a protective glove.

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