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Accessible Japan is a project run on passion, love, … and help from others.  You can help us keep going.


To help cover the costs of servers, custom software upkeep, train tickets, admission fees etc we unfortunately need to use Google Ads and Amazon Affiliate Links.  Accessible Japan also sells a guidebook to Tokyo, and has a Patreon account.  You can use this to give even as little as a dollar towards our mission to help people from across the world enjoy Japan to its fullest via our research.

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Are you planning on visiting Japan?

We are always looking for the latest information to share with our readers, but Japan is a huge country and we can’t do it alone. If you could help in any way listed below, we would be ecstatic!

  • Pictures of accessibility features at tourist attractions
  • Locations of toilets, etc at tourist attractions
  • Updates/corrections for our currently listed information
  • A blog entry of your experience
  • Reviews of hotels
  • Additional pictures or information for listed hotels
  • etc

You will receive full credit for everything you send. No need to be disabled.

Please post the information on the forum!

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