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    My adult son can not grip with his toes or control any muscles in his right foot. He walks by swinging his hip which sends regular slippers flying. In planning a trip to Japan, I am hoping to buy a pair of indoor sandals to take with us that might be seen as acceptable at hotels, restaurants and hopefully even temples. Something with a strap across the heel or a bootie of some sort. Does anybody know of a brand or website that sells something that might be acceptable? Should it have a soft rubber sole or a cloth one? Should he wear the special slipper only on his impaired foot and the establishment provided slipper on the other foot or stick to his own set? If bringing his own slipper will not be seen favorably should he just wear a clean extra sock or a neoprene footie over his sock on the affected foot? What do stroke victims in Japan do in this situation?

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    Thank you for the question.  First of all, you may want to read this thread on a similar topic:


    Second, people here are very understanding and will likely not get bent out of shape if your son needs his own slippers etc. (Though if you buy something that likes too much like a regular shoe, those who did not see your son change shoes may not know they are for indoor use.)

    As a suggestion, how about these slippers?


    They have a back but look very much like slippers.  They are from Amazon Japan, but should ship to other countries.  On the Amazon.co.jp website, you can change the language to English via the globe icon by the search bar.

    amz change language

    Hope that helps!

    If you have trouble ordering, let us know and we can keep searching!

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