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    My partner is a wheelchair user. He has a very severe disability (spinal cord injury, C4, complete). We want to travel to Japan, and we would like to rent an accessible van (with a ramp for him).  But we are not be able to find any company which could rent one to us.

    Someone could help me? Where can I make the rental of a wheelchair accessible van?

    Thank you !

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    Hello Sandra,

    Recently another person had a similar post, though they requested with a driver (driving in Japan can be very different depending on where you’re coming from). Nevertheless, you may want to check out the post here:


    I hope it helps, but feel free to post any other questions/concerns you may have and we’ll try to get you an answer quickly.


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    Thank you Justin for your answer and your attention! 

    However, I need to make another question.

    We are looking for an accessible van without driver. We want to rent it for some days. My partner is a wheelchair user, but I am the driver in all our trips!

    We are looking for a wheelchair van rental company.

    Thank you again! 

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    Which city do you want to rent the van in?

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    Hello and thank you again! 

    We are thinking about Tokyo to start our trip

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    Sorry, I should have asked initially, are we talking about a car that has adaptations for driving, or just one a wheelchair user can ride in?  Can you send an example of one you regularly use?  We can start the search from there. 

    You mention starting in Tokyo… do you plan to return to Tokyo?  Starting in one location and ending in another could be very difficult…

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    Hello Justin,

    Thank you Very much! 

    We are talking about a car which a wheelchair user can ride in. An accessible van only with a ramp. Not adaptions for driving.

    We know that the best option is starting and ending in the same location. So for us it is ok to start in and return to Tokyo.

    This is an example:


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    Many of the larger rental places do have them, but they are only listed in Japanese and they seem to not be able to be booked online (you must call directly).

    So, you will need someone who can help you rent the car… We cannot help booking directly, but I know a few people who might be able to help.

    There is also this company, but I remember before someone else wanted to rent from them but they did not want to rent to international drivers.  Maybe it was a misunderstanding?  If you would like to try, you can see the car here: http://www.ido-support.com/english/rentacar.html


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    I have same problem for May 2020 at Osaka and never find one yet with only 5 months to go. Very frustrating!!! Hope anyone can help.

    We need to hire a wheelchair access vehicle for 8 days in Osaka from 3rd June 2020 from Holiday Inn Namba Hotel and return 10th June 2020 at Osaka Kansal International Airport.

    Vehicle rental for 4 people:
    1 Driver
    2 Passengers
    1 Passenger remain in power wheelchair (Need ramp/tail lift in vehicle)
    4 Luggage’s

    Wheelchair size
    Height – 1500mm
    Width – 600mm
    Length – 1200mm

    Kind Regards,
    K. Bromley
    E: kbromley60@yahoo.co.uk
    T: +44 (0) 1813 344274
    M: +44 (0) 7841 826654 (Text Only)

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    I think the best option is to get in touch with Terry from this company as he is an expert in the Osaka area:


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