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    Hi there,

    Thank  you for having such an amazing website.

    We will not be in Japan for a while, but this gives us ample time for planning and arranging everything we need. We are needing to rent a wheelchair van from Narita on August 27 and will need a place to stay around the Ichikawa area that is accessible. My husband has ALS and will have his PWC, most likely his hoyer lift, Bipap, and shower chair. We are looking for a place that will accommodate all of these things. Would anyone know of a van taxi and an apartment hotel?

    Thanks in advance

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    I have asked Wilgo, a wheelchair van company to reply about the van.

    As for the hotel, I can try to find one, but Ichikawa doesn’t have many hotels to begin with. I assume you want to stay thee because you will need to go there regularly during your stay?  If so, would a hotel on the same train line be ok?

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    Hello and thank you for your reply.


    Yes, the ALS clinic is on Ichikawa, so we will need to go there a few times at least. We are good with anywhere along the Sobu or Keisi line, as they both give easy access to the clinic.  I’ve got some feelers out to apartments on booking.com and Airbnb, but I have a feeling they will have that step up to the apartment, after the shoes off area. That’s impossible,  of course.

    Thank you again for your help.

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    OK, will look around.

    Airbnb is putting efforts into accessibility, but can understand being hesitant.  My family recently visited and their apartment was different than expected.

    These are the only two hotels in Ichikawa and neither have an accessible room…



    Would Akihabara be too far you?  That is likely the closest station with a variety of hotels on the Sobu line…

    I assume you will need an actual accessible room, not just a regular room?

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    Oh, I found that Excel City Hotel Kameido has a barrier free room (that is what they call accessible here).


    Kameido is only a few stops from Ichikawa: https://goo.gl/maps/oXKLaKp5B5uoBA7y8

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    Thank you for all your help : )

    Akihabara would work really well, but it may be too expensive. We are looking at spending about $2500 usd for the three weeks we are there. I’m wondering if that’s possible in Akihabara?

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    Just got your last email. I’ll look at that hotel. It looks nice : ).



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    Unfortunately, the accessibility laws don’t require hotels with fewer than 50 rooms to have an accessible room.  And most economy hotels have fewer than 50 rooms…

    Toyoko Inn and Route Inn are notable exceptions that have accessible rooms but are affordable.

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    Good morning! I think I may have found an Airbnb that the owner is willing to build a small wooden ramp up the first step. The rest of the apartment is totally flat, is on the first floor, and is located near Gyotoku Station.

    Thank you for all your help. When we arrive, I can send pics and a link to the apartment if you would like. That way, that’s an accessible Airbnb that you can have listed. I’m sure we’ll find the entrance to the toilet and tub room small, but the shower commode fits in most situations, so I’m hoping there will be no problem. I will await the information about the text wheelchair van and make an appointment for pick up.

    Thanks again! Btw, I ordered your book and it should arrive tomorrow.

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    That is so great to hear!

    Yes, please do send pictures as I’m a bit hesitant to list Airbnb properties without someone having used it.

    Thanks for ordering the book – hope it is useful!

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    I absolutely will. For airbnb, booking an accessible stay has been a disaster. For this one, however, the owner has been upfront and the pics, once past the entryway, show no steps within the apartment. I’ll definitely keep you posted.

    Thanks again : )

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    Sorry for my slow response to your post on Friday 13th.  Accessible Japan has already commented on accommodations you are looking for, and here is some advises for you with regard to an accessible taxi from Narita Airport.

    For accessible taxies licensed by Tokyo prefecture like Wilgo, it’s not allowed to drive passengers from non-Tokyo place to non-Tokyo place.  This means that Wilgo can not serve you from Narita to Ichikawa where both are in Chiba prefecture, not in Tokyo prefecture.

    As Accessible Japan advises, Akihabara or Kameido are convenient place to move to Ichikawa.  it enables Wilgo or any other Tokyo base accessible taxies to serve you from Narita if your accommodation would be in Akihabara or Kameido where both are in Tokyo prefecture.

    All the best.


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