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    I’ll be travelling through Japan (Tokyo – Osaka – Kyoto – Takamatsu – Hiroshima – Fukuoka – Kagoshima – Tokyo) with a power wheelchair and I’m wondering if anyone can clear up the frequencies in the locations I’m travelling.

    My charger works with 100-120v and has no ground prong on the plug, so if I’m understanding correctly, there are no issues with those parts. However, it requires 60hz frequency. Will I need a different charger or possibly a transformer for my time in Tokyo? Is electricity in the other locations running at 60hz?

    I’ve tried contacting my local vendor, as well as the manufacturer to see if they have an international version of the charger or if there’s one with a 50/60hz switch but no luck.

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    Hi there,

    I have used my charger in both Osaka and Tokyo with no issues.  Can you send a picture of the power information on your batter charger?

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    Here are both of the side panels with instructions/power info. Only one of the labels mentions 60hz and the rest focuses on voltage and amps so maybe it’s okay?

    I found info that says devices that convert from AC to DC are frequency sensitive and the charger does that, so I’m mostly concerned that it might not fully charge overnight at 50hz rather than 60hz.

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    Hi kd88:

    I agree with AJ above, if you can send a picture of the label on the charger and a picture of the plug it would be most helpful;

    50/60 Hz: generally the slight difference in frequency should make very little difference. A-If it is a transformer charger it may run a bit hotter and take a little longer to get to a full charge. B- If it is a modern electronic charger you should see no difference.

    You are right about the two prong plug. It should fit. If it is a polarized plug, that is one prong is larger than the other, you could possibly have difficulty getting the plug into a socket. It can usually be forced in, or a few seconds with a file will reduce the large prong to the same size as the smaller..

    I hope this is helpful.  


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    Hi Kd88:

    You must have been sending the pictures as I typed. 

    You should be fine with that charger. Also it looks like your plug is not polarized so that is also good.

    Enjoy your trip!

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    Thanks guys, that’s super reassuring! I’ll bring along a wall plug adapter just in case a prong is too wide.

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