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    I am not bound to a wheelchair but with MS and other medical complications, I would like to have the use of a wheelchair while at the station to use from entry into the station until I board the train.  Are there any options for temporary use of a wheelchair?

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    Had to look this up!  It seems that some stations (ie big ones like Tokyo etc) have wheelchairs you can use within the station.  But, smaller stations may not.  So, you will need to keep that in mind. (Likely all stations have a wheelchair somewhere in case a passenger is unwell, but the smaller stations may not have them readily/easily available.)

    You will also need to be sure you arrive with plenty of time.  In general, using a wheelchair can require more time, but borrowing the station’s wheelchair may take longer as it may be in use, or it may be in a storage room etc.

    Most importantly, you might want to get a Help Mark lanyard to make explaining your request go smoother.  Check out this link: https://www.accessible-japan.com/forums/topic/tag-for-those-with-invisible-illnesses/

    Hope that helps :)

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