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    If you are heading out to the Izu Peninsula from Tokyo, you will likely take the Odoriko express train line.  Since this is a reserved-seating train, you will need to book tickets in advance at the JR Midori no Madoguchi (green ticket counter).

    The biggest problem with Odoriko is that there are a number of train types making the same trip.  The oldest type on this line are NOT accessible – no space for a wheelchair, and no wheelchair toilet.  Even if you ride on the deck, it is very narrow.

    The two accessible types (at the moment) are:

    Saphir Odoriko

    It has very spacious seating and a huge toilet.  There is a cafe car serving ramen, but there are no wheelchair accessible seats.  However, the staff will bring the ramen to your seat in this case.

    20201017_033709912_iOS  20201017_033720281_iOS 20201017_032514912_iOS 20201017_034137078_iOS

    E257 Type

    This is a new train on the line and will start replacing the older trains without accessible seating.  There are two seats with room for a wheelchair next to them, but two wheelchairs at the same time would likely not fit.  There is an accessible toilet, but no where near as big as the one on Saphir.

    20201018_065554802_iOS 20201018_065651494_iOS

    So, if you cannot choose the train you wanted to take when booking your tickets, this may be why.

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