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    I use a C-pap machine to help me breathe when I fall asleep each night. I would like to rent a machine when I am in Tokyo. Carrying my own on and off the airplane would be cumbersome. I believe renting a C-pap while in Tokyo would be easier. Do you know of any companies that can do this?

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    From just a bit of looking around, it looks as though C-pap machines are classified as medical here, and therefor require a (Japanese) doctor to prescribe usage before being able to rent it.

    I know someone who is studying here in Tokyo and uses a C-pap.  I believe he brought his with him.  I’ll get him to chime in on this conversation so you can get info from a C-pap user here in Japan!

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    Yes, C-Paps are classified as medical devices in Japan and are very difficult to get a hold of without a doctor to prescribe usage. I brought a spare, older C-pap from the United States to use until I was able to get seen by a doctor/fitted for a more appropriate device. As for the airplane, it is worth noting that some airlines (such as JAL) do not have power outlets readily available, so you may have to bring portable batteries if you need to use your device while airborne. 

    I’d be happy to answer any specific questions that you might have!

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    Could you share the contact information on the company you use for your C-Pap machine? (I won’t need to use one on the airplane. I only need to use when sleeping. ) I could bring my own mask. But I will need what can be arranged. :-)

    Wish me luck.

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