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    This Spring we (2 persons, me and a caretaker) will travel to in Japan, and because of my medical issues we have to book a wheelchair accessible room in Kyoto. Our preferred hotel in Kyoto is one of the Toyoko Inn hotels. I tried to call 3 of the hotels who has a heartful/universal room, but nobody on the telephone spoke English, and I don’t speak Japanese. But reservations can only made by telephone.

    Some details:

    – From 14 to 19 March we would like to stay in Kyoto. (5 nights, 18-19 March is the last night)
    – We saw that Gojo-Karasuma has a ‘heartful twin’ still available(?). This Toyoko Inn has our preference. Otherwise Shijo-Omiya and Gojo-Omiya are also good to us. Shijo-Karasuma doesn’t have any accessible rooms left (for that period?).

    We would be very pleased if anyone can help/advise us. Thank you in advance!

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    Yes, that is a huge problem.  We often bring it up with the Tourism Ministry.  Unfortunately, no changes yet.

    Since we are not a registered travel agency, we unfortunately cannot book for you.  What you might try is booking via hotels.com (Gojo-Karasuma) with a regular room that you can cancel, and then send a message to the hotel afterwards via hotels.com’s system.  People in Japan tend to be much better with written communication over verbal.  Someone else we knew did this.

    I think Terry can help too: https://www.angelo-services.com/travel-english

    Hope this helps.

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    Hello, Randy!


    I can book for you:)

    Please come to my website and contact me.  https://caregiver-japan.com/

    For Accessible Japan, I will try to keep talking to them to change the system.

    Now, I am getting the real information by calling.

    I hope 5 G change the translation system.

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    Thank you for working with us for change!

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