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    Leave your questions or comments about Shibuya here!

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    Visiting Sibuya during winter time after a brief layover at Haneda.  Plane arrives at 3;25 pm and leaving by midnight.  Therefore, me and my wife will have a short time to travel and browse Sibuya.  Never been in Japan before so I get lost of new culture and translation.  

    1.  Was informed that we should take the limousine bus at Haneda and back to airport as well.  I was thinking of taking trains (Keiyo Lines)  in going back to make it faster.  What would you recommend?

    2.  What landmark should we remember if we take Limosine bus?  Or the train?

    3.  It is December 17th, is it enough to have thick jacket and layers of clothing.  We are from Los Angeles and our coldest here is 50F.

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    To start with your coat question, it can get very cold here in the winter and due to the moisture, it can feel colder than the temperature gauge says!  But if it is just for a layover, then a thick jacket and layers should be enough.

    Before answering the bus question, what type of mobility needs do you have?  The Airport Limousine Bus does have a few lift-equipped buses, but the timing is very limited and the train would be better.  If it is possible to walk a bit (and up the bus steps), any airport bus can put a folding wheelchair in the luggage area.  Are you or your wife wheelchair users? 

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