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    My wife and I will travel to Japan in 2020 for three to fours weeks, one of our destinations will be Tokyo and the Olympic Games. Both, my wife and I have a “severely handicapped pass” (Schwerbehindertenausweis in Germany), and have slight walking impairments. Because we would like to take several tours and will walk quite a bit while visiting the Olympic games we would like to inquire if any benefits can be received (such as fee reductions) in our cases. Is there an equivalent to the German “severely handicapped pass” in Japan? Would I need to apply for it? Which benefits come with such a pass in Japan? Thank you very much in advance.

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    There is an equivalent in Japan called a shogaisha techo.  Holders can receive discounts etc.  However, it is only for residents of Japan so it isn’t something you can apply for here.

    Unfortunately, acceptance of foreign equivalents is spotty.  Some places will give you a discount, some will require a translation of the document, others will not accept it because it is not the Japanese document.  It really depends on the location’s policy and staff training.

    So, I suggest you get your pass translated and then try to use it.  You may get discounts, you may not, but having a translation will at least help.

    You can read more here: https://www.accessible-japan.com/japan-disability-discounts/

    Note that transportation discounts are only for holders of the Japanese documentation.

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