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    Following on from my other thread, we were told by the Robot Restaurant that they are wheelchair accessible.

    My friend cannot walk but can use her legs a little bit, and is able to manoeuvre out of her chair by herself.

    Do you think we’d manage OK?



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    Hello Cedar,

    From what I’ve discussed with the people who work at the Robot Restaurant, it is somewhat accessible.

    First, restrooms are not accessible at all, so it’s advised to that you use a different one (at a nearby train station perhaps) before the show.

    The elevator and hall to the showroom are a bit cramped so bigger wheelchairs could be an issue, but if your friend plans to use a manual wheelchair it should be okay. That being said, the only seating available will require you to transfer to a narrow seat (built-in bench-like seating from what I’ve seen) and with little foot room. After transferring, the staff will temporarily store the chair in another location during the show. As a general rule, I wouldn’t keep anything on the chair that couldn’t be lost, not for fear of theft (it’s a very low possibility in Japan), but in case it accidentally getting knocked/falls off the chair. Their lounge is also accessible by elevator. They were very pleasant and encouraging for everyone (disability or not) to visit the restaurant.

    I hope that helps, and please have you or your friend share your experience on Accessible Japan if you do visit.


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    Thanks Justin!

    I think we’ll be fine based on the above, and yes, we’ll definitely provide a review after we’ve been.


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