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    I have been to Japan a number of times before my injury and would say I know about Japanese culture than most people I studied Japanese with at University.  One aspect that I know many foreigners have trouble with is finding accommodation.

    Given that many foreigners find it hard to find a place to rent I can imagine that someone who needs specific things would find it even harder.  I have no problem with aspects such as key money but finding a owner willing to rent to a foreigner AND making sure that location is barrier free seems almost like an impossibility.  Even if I did use something like a broker I think they would still find it hard.

    What is the best way to find accommodation which is barrier free when someone is planning on moving (not on vacation) to Japan?


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    Yup.  It is not easy!  Owners often refuse to rent to foreigners.  And the often refuse to rent to those with disabilities – double whammy.  Though, there is now a law that prevents discrimination based on disability, so hopefully that will help get rid of that issue.

    Can you speak Japanese?  If so, you can look at apartments that are “barrier free” (ie accessible) online.  Be warned that everyone, including housing companies, can have different definitions of what is “accessible”. :(

    Here are some listings:


    If you find a company that will sponsor your visa, they will likely help find you housing, so you could just send them the above link.

    Hope this helps!

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    While my country also has laws that prevent discrimination based on disability, it still happens.  I have experience with parts of the government discriminating against me and they just find an excuse to justify their lack of action.  

    I think finding a guarantor company would be highly useful but I am wondering if they have experience with disabilities.  Watching the Life Where I’m From channel on Youtube explained a lot about the current situation when it comes to renting. https://youtu.be/iZ5f_QokinY?t=1398

    If risk of not paying rent is the biggest issue I think this could be resolved by paying X months in advance but I think when it comes to disabilities they home owner would have other concerns.

    Prior to my injury I had studied 1.5 years worth of Japanese at university as it was my second major.  That being said I haven’t been able to practise much over the last few years so my skills are diminished and as a result I dropped it as a major.  Had I not had my injury, the next thing I was going to be learning was keigo.

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    I’m not sure you can pay in advance, but just showing your work contract is usually enough for covering the economic issues.

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