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    In April of 2022 we are planning on taking my family on a cruise from Tokyo around Japan to Seattle for 26 days. My Dad is a Paraplegic with limited upper body strength, 82 years old. He travels with a certified healthcare aid and normally in Europe we rent equipment for onboard use including an Electric Lift which puts a “Sling” under him in bed and then gently lifts him up and we wheel him (in our own shower chair) to the bathroom where he showers and utilizes the toilet…..Then we wheel him back to the bed where we lower him back for dressing and then lift him up again into the electric wheelchair. Special Needs at sea has told us that they do not provide any “Hoyer Lifts” out of Japan for rent. My question is……Can we buy one to take onboard in Tokyo? And if so how much does a lift such as this cost?? Rental fee for 30 days is usually about $1500 USD. We would probably donate it upon cruise end in Seattle. Thank you in advance. Any suggestions appreciated…Cheers!

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