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    I’m travelling to Japan next month and would love to spend a night or two in an onsen hotel. I cannot walk and use a manual wheelchair so this restricts my ability to access a lot of the onsen baths. If the bath is at floor level I can’t use it. However I can transfer onto the edge of a raised bath if it is wide enough and then lower myself into the water. I will also be travelling with my husband so would need the bath to be mixed gender.

    We are looking at Hakone and Kawaguchiko in particular, but can be flexible. Does anybody know if there are any onsen hotels in this area which might be able to accommodate us?

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    You can check out Hakone Pax Yoshino for Hakone.

    The good:

    • Lift-equipped bus to the onsen
    • Reserved private bath available that is about wheelchair height and has a (very small!) sliding board

    The bad:

    • The bath in the accessible room has a door that is too narrow for a wheelchair!  I am still stupified by this.
    • Since the onsen is closer to the station than other onsen, by the time the onsen loop-line bus arrives to take visitors back to the station it is already full and the hotel run bus is not accessible.  However, it is only a 15-20 minute walk downhill to the station.

    Here is more info: https://www.accessible-japan.com/hotels/japan/kanagawa-1/hakone/mid-range/hakone-pax-yoshino/

    For Kawaguchiko, check out Fuji Lake Hotel.  I have no idea why they don’t list it on their website but they have a great “Barrier Free Corner Room” that you can see in this video.


    Here is the page in Japanese (you can run it through Google Translate): https://www.fujilake.co.jp/room/cornerroom/

    Hope this helps.  If you need more help, feel free to ask in the forums!

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    Sorry, I should also add that Fuji Lake Hotel also has an accessible private bath:


    (Second bath shown)

    More details:


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