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    The Omagari Fireworks Festival in Akita is one of Japan’s Top 3 Fireworks displays and is fantastic to see in person (it is broadcast on TV as well).

    The organizers have had an accessible seating area for a number years now.  There is a wooden platform with squares marked off for disabled visitors and those accompanying them (up to 4 people per square).


    There are also two accessible toilets.

    The area is restricted to those with a badge they receive at registration, so, there aren’t any long lines to worry about.

    Accessible seating must be booked in advance through the organizing committee.  They require a Japanese disability ID card, but would likely be accepting of foreigners without such an ID if discussed well in advance.

    The site is only in Japanese, so those who cannot read Japanese should get in touch with someone like Mr. Sumii from Wilgo.


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