Nezu Shrine Accessibility

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      Hello all, I’m new here. Apologies if this has been asked before. Does anyone know whether Shrine wheelchair-friendly? Thanks!

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      Haven’t been yet, but we can go in advance and check for you!  When do you plan on visiting?

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      In the meantime, here is some info in Japanese.  You can try Google Translate on it, but you can also get the idea from pictures:

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      Hello! Thanks for the prompt reply! We are planning to go end of May. It looks doable from google street view. Maybe we can update here after our trip! Don’t want to trouble you. Thanks for the link as well!

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      I put it in the calendar and will go on May 11th!

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      Thanks for being so helpful! Truly appreciate. Our main goal is to see the tori gates.

      I took a look at the link you sent and was just wondering for picture 8 【8】乙女稲荷、胞衣塚、駒込稲荷などがある丘陵は階段につき車椅子不可。

      it seems like wheelchair could be pushed through up to the slope. What do you think?

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      As long as you can get to that spot, and someone helps you up the first step, I don’t see why not.

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      I went to Nezu Shrine today.  I’ll write a full report later, but some points:

      Only about 20% of the azalea garden is accessible as there are flights of stairs.


      You can get to the torii gates, but the step is a bit big.  Maybe 10cm.  You could likely get up it but the path in the middle is barely wheelchair width, so it may be hard when there are a lot of people.


      Also, it is really one direction, so going back may mean asking a line of people to move on the way back since the end of the route is a bunch of steps on the other end.


      The shrine itself is enclosed by a wall and both entrances have steps.



      So, not very accessible!

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      Hi again,
      just wanted to let you know we put up our report:
      Hope it is helpful!

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