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    I’m considering doing a day trip to Naoshima from Takamatsu but am unsure on a few details for wheelchair access!

    1. I’ve read that the ferry is no problem, but haven’t found any official confirmation of this. Is anyone familiar with this ferry?

    2. I’ve also read that the bus on the island is not accessible, but that the road that loops around the island is walking/bicycling-friendly. Does anyone know if it’s possible to do the walking loop in a wheelchair or does it have steps?

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    The ferry should be no problem, but you might have to stay below deck where the cars are. And it’s possible to go around by wheelchair (no steps, as I recall), but it’s a long ways. If you call in advance, they should be able to accommodate you on the bus. I actually wrote a little book about traveling to Naoshima (and other nearby islands) with my daughter who uses a wheelchair.  It’s called A Girls’ Guide to the Islands.

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    Also, for the record, my account of visiting Ogijima with my wheelchair-using daughter is on this site. On that trip, we didn’t take a car.

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