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    Hello, I want to move to Japan in a few years when i’m done with my studies but i have a muscle disease. I sit for 70% in a wheelchair ( I can walk but not for long). I have no idea how I can move to Japan and how to get a job, or how i can ask for tools that can help me. Also I want to learn about the service.

    Do you have any tips and advice?

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    Hi there,

    For anyone, disabled or not, to work in Japan you need a working visa.  The only way to get that is to be hired by a company in Japan willing to do the paperwork at the immigration department – this means that the company will likely need to be medium sized.  They become your visa sponsor.

    If you find such a company, immigration doesn’t care if you are disabled or not (actually, legally they cannot discriminate).  The city you live in will grant you the same services as any other resident – foreign or not, disabled or not.

    So, the government will not be an issue.  What will be is getting a job.

    What type of job are you interested in?

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    I want to become a English teacher in Japan. I know they have the JET program, but I don’t know how it works and I don’t know if they take a disabled person. 

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    I would not expect much from JET and they tend to place people randomly.

    A university might be a better option.

    However, my biggest piece of advice is that connections are really important here.  If you know people here, it is so much easier to get a job.  It also removes some of their anxiety – it is a risk to hire people in another country and arrange everything for them after an interview on Skype.  Meeting you here in Japan shows them that you can make the trip and look to be enjoying it here.

    It is expensive, but considering studying here at a language school etc may help you get a foot in the door.

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    So the best thing is to forget the JET program and save money, so I can go to Japan and learn the language? 

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    I wouldn’t say forget it.  They likely have to conform to the new laws preventing discrimination based on disability, so I would definitely suggest talking with them, but wouldn’t get your hopes up too much.

    If you do talk to them, you may want to say you are interested in working at a school for the disabled as they tend to be short staffed – Special Needs Schools: The Highlight of my Week

    Not necessarily just study, but just get to meet people in person here really helps.  Even if on a vacation.

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    Hi, I am Sathish from India. I am a wheelchair user. Impressed with your videos. If I visit Japan and attend interview, Will I be able to get any job?


    Sathish Kumar

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    Hi Sathish,

    I would be sure to arrange the interview before going as most companies in Japan are not open to cold-call interviews.  But with technology like Skype, it would be more cost-effective to do a web conference interview.

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