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    I’m currently traveling around Japan and have had what sounds like a minor vehicle breakdown, a flat tire.  Not just any flat tire but on a tire designed to run when flat!   I need to find a shop that carries 9.5 inch tires or perhaps just replacement stems.   I’m discovering more barriers to getting a replacement than any single town could put on the street!  Surely there are repair-shops for at least wheel chairs, but where?   And since scooters are still the lesser known, do they even exist?  And where?

    With all the contingencies we planned for needing to replace a tire did not cross our minds  because of the run flat feature of the tire.   And I never expected that a vendor would refuse to ship outside their country!   Suddenly a simple flat tire has become not so simple because I suddenly am without my mobility.


    If anyone can can help me with a Tokyo contact address or company name?  Or even a rental company?



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    For scooter repair in Tokyo, your only real option is Marudai:

    http://www.marudai-fukushi.com/ , 03-3841-9706

    Hope they can help!

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    Thanks so much Josh, the repair was great!  Since this was not a simple bicycle tire tube change that I did as a child, it was great to find someone that had both the size and equipment to remount the tire.   

    Since we had access to someone who was fluent in Japanese I cannot comment on whether there would have been a language barrier, but I believe we could have survived with pantomime if needed!   From the website I believe someone spoke English.  I didn’t go to the shop as I was pretty much a liability without my mobility! 

    We truly appreciated the recommendation.  I’d encourage anyone who has similar issues to seek help from them.   We were told the cost before we went and so had no surprises about the costs of labor and parts, other than these kinds of repairs are not cheap anywhere. 

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    Great to hear, thank you for the update!

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    please help i want contact you because I want to know where can I buy a motor wheel for my manual wheelchair! Now I am in Osaka but next week I will travel to Tokio! Is urgent, thanks

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    I don’t know what you mean by a motor wheel. can you please send an image?

    Do you mean a tire? Or like this: 


    In Osaka, please try Angelo Travel, he knows many wheelchair places in Osaka: https://www.angelo-services.com/travel-english

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    Yes something like that or I see here, a motor on the wheel with a joystick!!! I try to contact him but was impossible, now I am googling to Tokyo so I ask you to help me urgent because on Saturday i will return to my country 

    please contact my on WhatsApp +5492915720123 

    best regards 


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    Please fill out this form and we will try to find you something.


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