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      Hi there,

      I’m looking into the mobility scooter market within Japan and trying to gather some basic statistics. However this is proving difficult.

      One key question I had was what the average age group of a mobility scooter user was within Japan?

      Any help would be great! Thanks.

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      I don’t have any data on this, but scooters were (and still is) marketed at seniors over 65yo.

      I have not seen anyone (that is Japanese) younger than that using a scooter.  Even the senior drivers are very small in number.

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      Let me share to you some of my thoughts on the subject. With the known aging population, definitely seniors would form part of the bulk, but across the range of ages would be people facing various degrees of physical disabilities and challenges. On this, I don’t have a number to pin.
      The difficulty I see from the above is the dearth of available “new” type of mobility scooters (commonly referred to as handle type electric wheelchairs) making them not yet popular, hence, not yet many users of this type.
      What I frequently notice in used are the sturdy type (even bulky) which do not conform to the requirements/rules set for accessibility (JR Lines for instance) which design were set based on the typical/conventional type of wheelchairs. 

      Many new type and design of the mobility scooters conform to the restrictions in place. But mobility scooters, as a general rule, are not popular…therefore the needed information and exposure for these is not available. 

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