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    Mobility scooters are not common in Japan and have been banned in the past on certain trains.  In fact there are still many restrictions in place. (https://www.accessible-japan.com/mobility-scooters-japan/)

    The biggest issues is often that since not all of the rules are enforced and scooters are all different, the experiences of users can range from “no problem at all” to “had a horrible time”.

    We wanted a place for people to share those experiences.

    Please share your experiences of using a mobility scooter in Japan!

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    Can’t say I had trouble with mine, as I use class-3: vehice https://velobike.co.uk/shop/product/faster (link so people know what I mean) but it was certainly odd for others to see me on my mobility scooter. Guess people are still a bit unused to seeing someone on them. Certainly those scooters are more popular with Europe. Still, mobility scooters have trouble even in European countries, for example UK law is still far bahind as if someone would like a tandem mobility scooter then they cannot register it, because it’s not mobility aid (even if someone wants to drive around the person they take care of). When I travel with mine, I often face difficulties with different max speed allowed regulations and restrictions. Some countries still don’t allow mobility scooters at all, which I hope will change in the future.

    To share my experience, comming from the United Kingdom to Japan was certainly a pleasing visit all in all, but I think this beautiful country needs to still improve the accessibility. Some odd looks, but not angry ones, just puzzled. I do enjoy tho that many were envious and I even got asked a couple of times where I got my scooty 😁 What hurt a bit was that there are many beautiful spots, but some just don’t have proper access. That’s okay though, as I, being the user of a mobility scooter didn’t feel that I lost much. For each place that didn’t have a proper access, I could easily find others that did have it and this lead me to finding a great cafe in Kyoto which I fell in love with. I visited Japan three times now, in 2017, 2019 and near the end of 2020 and through the years I noticed positive and visible change with accessibility. Japan has certainly became more accessible and works hard on that. I plan my next visit to happen somewhere in the future, hopefully the current worldwide situation will change by then, as it pretty much restricts me from traveling… Can’t wait to re-visit Kyoto again though, as each time it is a very pleasant stay! Hopefully my new favourite cafe will be there as well!

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    Thank you for sharing your experiences and for your positive attitude. Yes, Japan is certainly getting better and better, and when you visit, your presence helps change things even more – think of all the people you are educating about scooters just by going down the street or accessing certain attractions (even just trying helps raise awareness!).

    It was also good to hear about your experiences in other countries as well – helps keep things in perspective.

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