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    Has anyone here attempted to get to Minoo falls in Minoo park in a wheelchair? From what I’ve found, the road/path looks paved and smooth but hilly in places, but I haven’t been able to confirm if there are any steps along the way!

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    On the Minoo Park website (only Japanese), there is a Q&A page where they have the question “Can I get to the waterfall with a wheelchair or baby stroller?”

    The answer says that the path is paved and there are no steps.  However, there is one steep hill on the way you should be aware of.”

    I will ask around a bit (since I have never been personally), but it looks to be possible.

    It is in Japanese, but here is the link to the Q&A page:

    Hope this helps!

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    Hello. I’m a local Japanese lives in Osaka. I have been walking to Minoo waterfall since I was little.

    Minoo Waterfall has a parking lot on the upper right of the waterfall if you go by car, but the slope is too steep for a wheelchair to go from the parking lot to the waterfall.

    You go up the paved mountain path from Hankyu Minoo station for about 2.8km. It takes about 1 hour or more.  But it feels so good to climb along the stream, there’re nice japanese restaurants and parks with benches. On the harfway you can see “Ryoan-Ji Temple”, the view from there is so wonderful, especially the season of autumn leaves and cherry blossoms !

    There are 4 restrooms for disabled people along the way to the waterfall.

    Please see the map & information below for your reference.



    Thanks !

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      Thank you, that is very helpful and great to hear! I look forward to visiting Minoo Park!

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    Glad to help!  Please keep posting questions!

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