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    I am planning to fly into Tokyo at the end of March and will be staying in Yokosuka area with family.  Its a first time trip to Japan and we are very excited.

    I was hoping to be able to rent a power chair/scooter that has lift seat capability. So far a strikeout. I contacted marudai-fukushi but they don’t have such a device. If I bring one from the states, will it be permitted on the trains? I read one report where it was stated that power chairs on the trains must either be rented or purchased in Japan. That also seemed a bit odd!

    Also, has anyone taken a CPAP machine? I read somewhere else about getting an export license for that. It

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    Hello Mark,

    I’ve never heard of any rental companies that offer powerchairs and/or scooters with lift seat capacity. Perhaps Josh might know something I don’t?

    Having said that, I use a chair with a lift device that I brought with me from the states, and it is permitted on trains.

    As for CPAPs, you don’t need a license so long as you register it as a medical device with your airline ahead of time.



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    Mark, thanks for the cpap info.

    As for the power wheelchair rental, most rental companies are very cautious about renting expensive equipment to foreign visitors over issues like insurance etc. So, a large power wheelchair would likely not be rentable here.  The only place that might is https://www.mec-design.jp/.  It is just on guy making them and wants to rent them to hotels etc, so he may be open to it.  However, I don’t think they are compatible with personalized seating.

    You can use foreign wheelchairs here no problem. However, mobility scooters are very uncommon and some train lines (like JRs Shinkansen) either don’t allow them or make you go through hoops.

    Hope this helps!

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    Hi Mark,

    What sort of chair with lift device do you use? Do you mean two devices, or one integrated lift chair? We’ve been considering using one of those lightweight folding power chairs and sitting on one of those hydraulic uplift seat assists. not the best, but hopefully not bad.

    What worries me almost the most is the air travel; I still walk a little but can’t rise from a seat; I’m a dead-lift – most of my muscles are shot, worst are the core ones. Delta says they will do lateral transfers but not lifting from the chair. I confess I’m having a hard time getting wrapped around that.

    And to the second writer; I don’t know at this point what trains I will be on; but the first trip is Haneda to Ikego.


    Thank you both!!


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    It is hard to know which train lines you will use and which are OK.

    So, it is safest to get a power chair instead of a scooter.

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