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    If you are a steak fan, you may have heard of Kobe Beef. Known as one of the finest cuts of beef you can eat, it can be difficult to find the real thing outside of Japan (in the United States you can find Kobe “style” beef, which isn’t the same thing). Well, while my brother, a friend, and I stayed in Osaka, we decided that because Kobe is nearby that we would try some real Kobe beef for ourselves. We found a restaurant called Beef Steak Kawamura (website: https://www.bifteck.co.jp/en/), that served various cuts of Kobe beef. We ended up ordering three different cuts: a tenderloin cut, a sirloin cut, and their “3rd best” cut (the #1 best was extremely expensive, and their 2nd best was sold out, so we chose 3rd). They were served with various vegetables and cooked in front of us, as you can see in the picture. The picture of the steaks before cooking shows the amazing marble throughout the meat. We all tried some of each of the different cuts, and while I couldn’t tell the difference between the 3 Kobe cuts, there was a significant difference compared to the average steak found in most restaurants and grocery stores. The Kobe beef was VERY flavorful without seasoning and so tender to the point it almost melts in your mouth! For us, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity we were 100% satisfied with. However, it was definitely not cheap (the most expensive meal we’ve ever had actually), so if you decide you want to try it yourself, make sure you have extra put aside in your budget.


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    Was it easy to get in the restaurant in a wheelchair?

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    Actually there was 1 small step up, probably 10cm/4inches into the restaurant, I don’t recall any other steps inside. We also used local trains to get around Kobe with no issue.

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    Cool, so you can get in with a bit of help :)


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