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    Hello all,

    This is my first time posting, and I’m absolutely loving all the information on the website and forums so far. I’m in the process of applying for graduate school at Tsukuba and Hitotsubashi, and I had a few questions.

    1. I have a live-in caregiver that has worked with me for the past 12 years, and he is willing to travel with me. I require specialized care because of the nature of my degenerative neuromuscular disability, and we have routines and care down to a science after working together for so long. Is there a type of visa that would allow him to remain with me as my caregiver while I’m attending school?

    2. My second question also has to do with my caregiver. There exists programs in the U.S. where a disabled individual can choose and provide their own caregiver rather than a nursing company providing one for them. Does anything like that exist in Japan? Would public health insurance cover that? (We are essentially wondering if it is going to fall to me to compensate him or if there exists a governmental program that will help. He has no official nursing certification.)

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    Hi Valerie,

    Great to hear of your interest to study in Japan.

    1. I’m not aware of a visa that would allow for that. Visas need a sponsor (a school for academic visas, and a Japanese company for work visas). I would suggest you may be best to discuss this with your school that provides your visa. Perhaps he could enroll as a student as well?
    2. I talked to a friend, and while there were programs for direct funding of caregivers in the past, they hadn’t heard of them lately. You can sometimes get a company to hire a caregiver you want to help you. However, without a legal working or student visa, they wouldn’t be able to legally hire them.

    Others, including myself, have directly paid for helpers in our home countries to come until we are settled and they can be in the country for 90 days without a visa, giving a few months to settle and train someone new.

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    Thank you so much for your answer Josh. I’ll certainly call the school to find out what they know and what resources they have. It’s not possible for him to enroll as a student unfortunately. I won’t be able to go unless I find a way he can be there as my caregiver. I’ll post what I find out after talking with the school.

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    I hope they have a positive answer. Remember, he can legally be in the country for 90 days and you could switch over to local care in that period.

    Here are the types of long-term stay visas: https://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa/long/index.html

    Some look like they could be adapted to your situation with the help of your school or a immigration lawyer. You may want to contact a few immigration lawyers anyway since we cannot give legal advice here.

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