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    I just found out there is a Hop-On-Hop-Off type bus in Kyoto. I also heard that is wheelchair accessible. Would you have an additional information on this transportation system? I am currently in Kyoto and have on more free day before I head off to Osaka. We used the public system today.The wheelchair accessibility is great; however, because it is high tourist season, the wait is long due to the full capacity of the buses. I am staying in a hotel near Kyoto Station.

    thank you!

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    Hello kathichan,

    I’m not sure how helpful this will be, because buses often require people in wheelchairs to transfer to a bus seat. I did find two hop-on-hop-off style buses in Kyoto, and according to a review I found,  one may be accessible (please contact them prior to booking to confirm) although it may not be running on the day you require. I do apologize, as I have not used either service myself.

    First is the K’LOOP, according to the review this bus loop should be accessible, it’s a short 4-stop loop, and only runs on certain days (so it may not be available on the day you’ll be there):

    Web: http://kloop.jp/en/

    Tel: 075-661-1234


    Second is SKY HOP BUS, I’ve found information that this bus loop is only accessible if you have a collapsible wheelchair (I have to assume you’re required to transfer, but you should check with them), it has many stops at popular locations:

    Web: https://skyhopbus.com/kyoto/?kyokanko

    Tel: 075-671-6451


    I recommend either calling the bus company yourself or (if possible) asking a bilingual staff member at the place you’re staying at to call and inquiry about your specific needs and if it will be accessible for you.

    If you do ride with either company or find another accessible one, please share your experiences so we can help each other.

    I wish I had more information, nevertheless I hope this helps,


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    Justin is spot on.  I just called both companies.

    For Sky Hop bus, there is no ramp and you would need to walk on.  K’Loop, on the other hand was accessible… in the past tense because apparently they stopped running the bus and the staff said they had no plans to restart it at this time.

    However, all of the regular city buses in Kyoto are wheelchair accessible.  The only problem is that they get crowded.  If you get on at the start of the route it should be no problem, however, getting on at a stop mid-way along the route may not be so easy as it may be full already.

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    Thank you both for the great advice! Unfortunately I am now in Osaka! My vacation is coming to a close soon unfortunately. I will be in Osaka for one more day, then off to Tokyo and then home. I will be reviewing posts regarding Osaka for now! Thank you again! I hope to return in the future to see additional sites in this area. I am having an awesome time though!😃

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    Enjoy the remainder of your trip!

    We have an Osaka forum as well, so please share your experiences with everyone there!

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