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    We were just wondering if any of the Izakaya in Hobo Shinjuku are accessible?

    We are looking for somewhere to eat prior to heading to the Robot Restaurant, and would love to try an Izakaya.

    If nowhere there is accessible, do you happen to know of an accessible Izakaya in the vicinity?


    Thanks 😀




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    I called the business association that runs the restaurants in that block, and was told that all have steps etc and aren’t accessible.

    I asked my friend who created the app WheeLog! and she suggested a place called Roan.  You can see it here: https://gurunavi.com/en/gac9100/rst/?__ngt__=TT105075603002ac1e4ae567nT-1rTbGEPfFYJGwxJSKUY

    Be sure to check out my friend’s app – it is a crowd-sourced accessibility app: https://www.wheelog.com/hp/

    As for the Robot Restaurant, you may want to start another thread on that because I understand it isn’t terribly accessible unless you can walk a bit…

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    Thank you!! I’ll add that to our itinerary 😀

    What a fantastic app, I’ve downloaded it and am ready and raring to use it.



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    Hi again,

    Was thinking about your post again and izakayas.  Izakayas are like pubs in the UK (Australia, New Zealand, etc) where they are not really a restaurant nor a bar, but somewhere in the middle where you can order food a la carte and alcohol.  They come in all sorts of styles from trashy to trendy, new and old.

    Anyway, while Roan is an Izakaya, it isn’t the same vibe as Hobo Shinjuku Noren Gai.  While not in Shinjuku, you may want to check out either Ameyoko or Hoppy Dori as they both have similar vibes as the one you asked about.

    Something like this:


    Also, both have outdoor seating so no need to worry about accessibility :)

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