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If you have a question about accessible travel in Japan, just pop it in one of the forums below and we'll find you an answer! If you don't know where your question should go, or have a suggestion for a new forum, plase put it in the General Discussion forum.

Also, if you have information that is not yet on the website, we would love it if you could add it here in the forum - it could help so many people looking for the same information! Thanks!

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      I only recently found out this website after watching a video from the Youtube channel “Life Where I’m From”.  I have multiple questions as I am interested in moving to Japan in the next 5 years.  I hopped I could email Josh directly but I guess that is what this forum is for.

      Is it best to put multiple questions in a single thread or create a single thread for each group of related questions?


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      Hi Senpai, i think it would be better to have specific topic/subject on a particular issue or concern (rather than a shotgun approach). There, we could have building blocs to expand and discuss  thoroughly, in depth the subject.


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      Hi Senpai,

      Sure, please ask all the questions you like!  As virl7887 mentioned, having different posts for each subject/topic is best for readability etc

      Looking forward to interacting with you!

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