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    we just booked a cruise around Japan and Korea. As our son is using an electrical wheelchair (190kg) and we look for travel/transportation support in the different cities we are travelling to, as we would like to do indiviual sightseeing. Also the recomendation of a tour guide would be apprechiated. Unfortunately I could not find out so far, if there are wheelchair taxis available as well, since this could be a good solution too.

    Here is our timetable


    Date Arrival Leave Harbour
    12.10.19 –:– –:– TOKYO (YOKOH ChkIn
    13.10.19 –:– 11:00 TOKYO (YOKOH Pier
    14.10.19 09:00 23:59 KOBE – JAPA Pier
    15.10.19 –:– –:– AT SEA See
    16.10.19 08:00 17:00 HIROSHIMA – Pier
    17.10.19 10:00 18:00 KOCHI – JAP Pier
    18.10.19 08:00 18:00 BEPPU – JAP Pier
    19.10.19 12:00 –:– KAGOSHIMA – Pier
    20.10.19 –:– 17:00 KAGOSHIMA – Pier
    21.10.19 10:30 20:45 FUKUOKA – J Pier
    22.10.19 08:00 18:00 BUSAN – SOU Pier
    23.10.19 07:00 16:00 JEJU ISLAND Pier
    24.10.19 09:00 19:00 SEOUL (INCHE Pier
    25.10.19 –:– –:– AT SEA See
    26.10.19 06:00 –:– SHANGHAI (BA ChkOut

    Any kind of tip is highly apreaciated.

    Thanks in advance


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    Unfortunately, accessible tourism is just getting started in smaller cities, so it can be hard to find a guide and accessible transportation.

    However, I know someone who works for a large taxi company that has accessible taxis across the country, and I believe many of the drivers can act as guides.

    I think they have taxis in Korea as well.  I’ll get him to chime in!

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    Hello again,

    My friend at Daiichi Kotsu said to give you his email.  I don’t want to post it on a public site, so I will send it by email.

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    I am a former onboard port lecturer/destination expert on Japan for a major cruise line.  I started my company to assist cruise passengers that want to explore the ports independently.  We have a private guide service and often assist passengers with various levels of mobility.

    If you go to https://www.facebook.com/Japaneseports/, you can schedule a free consultation, so we can talk in more detail about your specific needs and how we can help.

    Happy Cruising,


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    P.S. – Our guides work with Daiichi Kotsu at many ports too.


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    Hello in may go to Japan and We are going to do a cruise and my husband goes on a electric scooter to reduced mobility.
    With the shipping company we cannot make excursions for my husband’s disability.
    I need a taxi adapted to transport us and to see something. Could you help me?

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    Many people in Japan are unfamiliar with mobility scooters, and Japan still has a long way to go with its “barrier free” goals.

    My company assisted a cruise passenger with a mobile scooter last year, and we already have several such clients this year too. Our goal is to help everyone make the most of their time ashore, and we do our very best to achieve that goal for our clients by educating our guides, partnering with like-minded transportation companies, and advocating for our clients.  Our HQ is in Los Angeles, and we have a branch office in Japan.

    I’m happy to schedule a free consultation via video call using Skype, Google Hangout Meets, Facetime, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. Heather CPN USA Biz Card

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    I can confirm that Japan has loooong way to go when it comes to mobility scooters. This year I have bought one from velobike.co.uk, basically this one  and you can imagine my displeasure when I kind of was an oddity… I am only glad I did not have any trouble with the Law enforcements :| All in all it was a pleasant stay and I do hope to return to Japan again and view the rich culture… just hope next time seeing a big guy riding a mobility scooter would be more ‘common day’ event ;)

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    We certainly hope it does change!  Glad to hear you want to come back despite the challenges you faced.

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